the gaia project

The Gaia Activation Project is part of the ascension process of the Earth and humanity. One of its focal points is supporting people’s transformation process and the activation of earth energy locations, grids and lines.

A MESSAGE BY GAIA – For all lightworkers around the world

Dearly Beloveds,

It is with great pleasure and in high spirits that I welcome you all to this most wondrous of happenings. You may not fully remember that we all met, some time ago, to discuss this project. Before you came into this world we were all together, talking about the next phase in the evolution of humanity. I remember fondly how excited we all were. I vividly remember the beautiful smiles and the open hearts of you all, when you accepted your assignments with so much excitement and joy. We all felt blessed to take part in this momentous event and to be part of such a bright bunch of lightworkers.

You have come from far and wide, both in time and space, to join in the celebration of this great shift. And now we are all here, together once again, to fulfil our agreements and our destiny. We made a promise from the heart, from the very core of our being, to be present, in light and love, within the centre of change and for all those who require assistance at this time.

A lot has happened since our last meeting. You have lived several years in this physical reality. Your path has led you back to me and to each other, exactly as planned. You are now becoming aware of the agreements made and the qualities within you. Slowly you are awakening to your potential. Slowly the information and tools that you have carried within you are being activated.

When you read this, you will know that you are part of this project. And as you read this, more aspects of your being are awakened. And ever more you will feel my embrace, as you remember the connection we made so consciously some time ago. Allow the stream of love, of information and of consciousness to flow freely between us.

We are all brothers and sisters, working together as one. We are all here and now, wherever that may be in, many places and timeframes, to bring in the new reality of higher understanding. The entire Universe is now ready to support this shift in awareness. All of the planets, Light Beings, and souls present on Earth are now ready to manifest what has been prophesised long ago. We are all ready now to leap forward, to take flight.

So breathe deeply my dears, and take the plunge! I and scores of great Light Beings from near and far are here with you and for you. You are the true pioneers of the New Age, you are the Bright Ones who with great excitement have chosen to be the ones who bridge the heavens and the earth. You are the ones who have with great courage taken the high stand in your world. You are a catalyst for alchemical processes on Earth. You are amidst and in front of all of humanity, holding your truth and shining your light. You are here to be a loving example, to be a gentle reminder to all people who are here for the same reason but may have forgotten.

You are all supported, my dear ones. You have your personal guides who know you very well; there are the Ascended and Angelic Beings who are watching over you; universal and earth forces are always flowing into and through you, protecting and healing you; I am with you always, my sweethearts. And you have each other. Your connection to each other is the source of your greatest strength and wisdom. For as you connect to and become aware of each other’s beauty, you are reminded of your own.

Go forth into the reality of light now, my brave ones. Step into the world that you have come to experience. Come together in the space of the open heart and the higher mind. Join as humans on the soul level. It is there that you will meet me and we can consciously work together. Accept who you are and why you are here. Awaken to your true potential and share your heart’s light with many, especially the children and those who struggle to remember their own divine nature.

Blessings to you all, my hearts.

I am with you always,

Gaia – Glastonbury April 1st 2015



The Glastonbury Activation Project

This group event is part of the Gaia Project, the ascension process of Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants. Thousands of souls and millions of lightworkers have been supporting the shift in consciousness and frequency to guide the world into the fifth dimension reality. An important aspect of this work is the activation of sacred sites, power places and ley lines; the Earth’s energy grid needs to be transformed together with our worldly systems.

Other groups of people are doing similar work all over the planet. Together we support the Earth’s and humanity’s shift by cleansing and activating the planetary grid. This global ascension project is guided and supported by the Hierarchies of Ascended Masters, Angels, the Nature Beings and Gaia.

The purpose of the GAP is to anchor the new geometric structure and activate the higher dimensional grid of Glastonbury; bring our reality and the Nature and Avalonian dimensions closer together; activate the planetary heart centre and connect it to the heart of humanity; bring in the higher feminine/masculine aspects for humanity.

Situated on the Michael-Mary ley line, Glastonbury is the heart centre of the planet and one of the most important energy locations on Earth. It is one of the places in the world where Avalon, the reality where the Goddess and Mother Earth, is honoured.

We will work with a group of lightworkers in Glastonbury, and several groups and individuals in other countries. The more people help with this event the better the energies, templates and archetypes can spread around the world and be grounded into the planet’s grid. Together we will create a web of light around the Earth, connecting the heart of humanity, and opening cosmic and Nature portals all over the world. So the more people connect with and support this project, the more fluently the higher information and energy will find its way into the grids, portals and the collective consciousness.

When you connect to the GAP you will receive a personal transmission of the energies and information that are being anchored through you. You become a bridge between the higher dimensions and our world. As you integrate these frequencies you will be assisted in your personal development process.

If you’d like to be part of this activation project, please email to:

We are creating a chart with all the groups and people around the world who support the project. You can email us your name, location and tell us in what way you’d like to help so you can become part of the international group of lightworkers.

You can work individually or create a group. The soul that you are probably knows what your task is, but we also offer support in case you need a little assistance. We have prepared a document with more information and guidelines, which we can email to you.


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