Welcome to Avalon Publishing, publisher of the Fiona Series. On our site you can read all about the book series, Fiona and our publishing company. You can subscribe to our newsletter, buy books and artwork, and check out events such as lectures, workshops and spiritual retreats.

We hope you will enjoy our site and the Fiona Series!

“All nature is a reflection of our own being. The forgetting of this elemental truth has led to profound destruction of ecosystems and to the tragic loss of our own humanity. Fiona, as channelled by Tim Biot, is a voice representing the nature kingdoms in their pristine interconnectedness and oneness. She speaks about a communication network that exists between crystals, trees, flowers, animals and humans, and the nature spirits that indwell them all. The popularity of Avatar reflects a deep collective longing for a relationship with the spirit of Gaia as exemplified by the mythical Navi. This beautiful little book shows how this is within our grasp, and offers perspectives, meditations and practices to help along the way.”

– Kiara Windrider, author of Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift, and Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human


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